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  • Nathaniel Briggs Scooting

    In 2010 when America’s fashion sense was beginning to change and gas prices were at an all-time high, Nathaniel Briggs decided to marry his passion for Vespa with his own ingenuity and creativity. It was then that Nathaniel Briggs Scooting, LLC was formed and began its journey in making the best products possible for the scooter community. Nathaniel Briggs’ products are made with functionality in mind without ever compromising style. Individuality is a large part of Nathaniel Briggs, LLC and we work hard to ensure that the customer’s input and his/her own sense of style is incorporated into the product of their choosing. Nathaniel Briggs Scooting, LLC is here to share our passion for Vespa with your passion for fashion and individuality.


Nathaniel Briggs
Owner / CEO / Chief Design Engineer / Photographer
Nathaniel is a mechanical engineer designing aftermarket products for the two wheel industry. As of 2014 his designs were featured as the highest sold aftermarket product in the motorcycle industry. He has brought his skill set to help others that share his passions. Customizing scooters!
Andrew Caldwell
Network / Site Admin
Keeps nbscooting.com running like a well oiled Vespa. Responsible for everything from the computers we use to design on, to the "cloud" aspect of the business.
Adam Stein
Effectively and efficiently manage all subordinates including Network Site Admin, ensuring that all company technical needs are met to exceed expectations. Here at NB Scooting we take pride in providing a quality product in the two wheeled product line.
Yotam Auz
Financial Consultant
Highly accomplished finance professional with experience reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and stimulating bottom-line growth for startup, midsize and multi-million-dollar organizations. Expertise spans multiple industries and sectors and offers a rate blend of finance and accounting leadership backed by experience in both the operational and services sector.