• How much is shipping and handling?

    As a small company, we, at Nathaniel Briggs, have built in shipping into the product purchase. There for, free shipping to the continental United States. If you live out side the continental U.S. we will add shipping to your purchase.

    What is the tax rate?

    Again, we have built taxes into our product. The price you see is shipped to your door if you are in the continental United States.


  • The Nathaniel Briggs seat feels firm. Will it soften?

    Absolutely. The Nathaniel Briggs seat is designed using Corbin’s patented ergonomic foam. This foam is created to take shape of the rider after about 1000 miles.


    We are a small company and would like to believe that helps us to be more personable with our customers. There is a 1 year warranty on our chrome. There is a 1 year warranty from Corbin on the seats. From us, we are here and are willing to work with our customers. All of our products will be covered with in reason. Just talk to us, we are very reasonable.

  • Take note of what you are purchasing!

    Be careful to check fitment of your scooter. If you are unsure, send us an email. There will be a restocking fee for items returned outside of warranty.

    Custom Seat Orders

    Our custom seat order link is not up to date. We have thousands of ways the seat can be covered, so please contact us for assistance and ordering. If there is a seat out of stock that you want, it can be made as a custom order. Please allow 6 weeks to get a custom ordered seat.

    Thank you